North Bethlehem Action Committee

What can you do?

1st — Participate in Zoning Hearing Board meetings when they concern any of Atiyeh’s proposals or the Zoning Ordinance. See general suggestions provided by counsel (Talking points). Don’t be shy. Your voice matters. You need to be part of the process. See for specific meeting times.
2nd — Come to City Council meetings and express your feelings about what is happening in our neighborhood. Don’t be you’re your voice and their support matters. Meetings are generally scheduled for the first and third Tuesday each month. For specific times and dates, see
3rd — Get others involved. Talk with your neighbors and friends about what is happening. Pass on the website address. Ask people to sign up for our newsletter and come to Zoning Hearing Board meetings.
4th — Sign up for periodic newsletters/announcements. We will periodically send updates about what is happening and how you can help.
5th — Participate in upcoming electronic petitions to our local elected officials.
6th — Contribute to our cause. Support us with your donation.