North Bethlehem Action Committee

Current Issues

TOP PRIORITY: Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment Centers near our schools

Despite his previous commitment to withdraw these applications, Mr. Atiyeh has submitted applications for two residential treatment centers:

Neither the City nor the neighbors think the locations at 2110 Center and 2349 Linden are appropriate. Mayor Callahan, Council President Eric Evans and Community & Economic Development Director Joe Kelly all expressed opposition to these specific locations. City Council has instructed their solicitor, Christopher Spadoni, to intervene in opposition to these applications. Bethlehem Catholic High School has intervened in opposition to the 2110 Center Street application. Bethlehem Area School Board has sent representatives to speak about the 2349 Linden Street application.  

The next steps are:

  • Participate at Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board meetings, on November 20th regarding 2110 Center Street and November 29 regarding 2349 Linden Avenue.
  • Support Bethlehem Catholic High School and Bethlehem Area School District as oppose these specific rehab proposals near their students.
  • Continue to explore more appropriate uses for the land and buildings as well as more appropriate locations to provide treatment services
  • Encourage City Hall to support the approved 825 12th Avenue site.


NEXT PRIORITY: Oppose the 125 bed drug, alcohol and psychiatric hospital at 1838 Center Street. Seek alternatives.

The application for a 125 bed drug, alcohol and psychiatric hospital at 1838 Center Street was appealed by Atiyeh last year. Several of us intervened in Atiyeh’s original appeal with the support of attorney Steve Goudsouzian. On October 5, 2012, Northampton County Judge Smith remanded the proposal to Bethlehem Zoning Hearing Board to determine whether the project is permitted. Apparently Atiyeh has decided to appeal this decision.

We have also explored alternative uses for the Atiyeh’s five acres at Center Street and Dewberry Avenue. High density apartments would aggregate traffic and water management issues, impact the safety of our children and are not in harmony with the existing character of the neighborhood. Its limited size, cemetery view, topology, traffic noise, water management issues and limited access to major roads make locating a competitive, upscale apartment or condominium facility problematic. Poorly done apartments would likely reduce the value of the surrounding neighborhood.

My Atiyeh has approval for a 125 bed assisted living facility on this site. We continue to believe that such a facility would bring some tax revenue and local spending and is much more suitable and appropriate for this particular location.

The next steps are:

NEXT PRIORITY: Encourage favorable resolution of the 150 bed rehab facility at 825 12th Avenue.

ALSO OF CONCERN: Inappropriate signage and property sales to developers who threaten the character of our neighborhood and educational institutions

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